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coursesnworkshopCareer courses and workshops can offer support as you learn skills to help you move ahead in your career. With guidance and insights from a knowledgeable instructor and a group of peers, courses and workshops can help you feel motivated to reach your goals.

Having taught career courses and workshops at university settings and community organizations for over ten years, I was so inspired by my students and their success that I wrote a comprehensive career book and program with two of my career counseling colleagues. Currently, I am a lecturer at Hofstra University Continuing Education, and through courses, workshops, and speaking, I frequently address career topics for community groups or the general public. If you are an instructor or would like support as you develop a school or community-based program, please feel free to contact me or explore the website for my book for additional resources.

Francine Fabricant, EdD helps people rethink their opportunities and build careers that are personally meaningful and rewarding. Lead author of the award-winning college career book, Creating Career Success, she has worked at Hofstra University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Columbia University. Francine holds degrees from Barnard College and Teachers College, Columbia University and is a frequent speaker on career topics.


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