Given the increasingly complicated world of work, many helping professionals, including faculty and administrators, guidance counselors, social workers, therapists, and coaches, feel that a greater understanding of career development could benefit their work with clients or students.

Community organizations, schools, and adult education programs are vital resources for those seeking career support or struggling with career concerns. Improved career skills can help you expand your services for unemployed or underemployed adults, teens and college students, welfare-to-work initiatives, as well as those seeking help for career issues throughout the lifespan, including career launch, work-life conflict, career re-entry, and retirement. Together, we can explore how I can help you or your organization meet these growing demands with innovative career programming, staff training, and tailored resources for your clients.

The career programs I have developed in collaboration with community organizations, schools, religious groups, and libraries have addressed such varied topics as improving job search skills, balancing work and family, career re-entry, leadership, internships and summer learning, the recession of 2007/08, Hurricane Sandy recovery, transitioning from welfare-to-work, and succeeding as an ex-offender or addict in recovery. My staff trainings have served community-based organizations reaching a diverse clientele, from middle class executives to college students to veterans.

Francine Fabricant, EdD helps people rethink their opportunities and build careers that are personally meaningful and rewarding. Lead author of the award-winning college career book, Creating Career Success, she has worked at Hofstra University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Columbia University. Francine holds degrees from Barnard College and Teachers College, Columbia University and is a frequent speaker on career topics.


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